April so far........

So April has come around quick! How did that happen?! So for those of you that don't follow my social media feeds, I am taking part in an Instagram challenge, which is to post something creative everyday. It is a bit of a self motivated challenge, and I have set myself the absolutely crazy challenge of painting birds and flowers from our garden and surrounding fields and woods. I'm not sure what I have got myself in to, but so far I am embracing it. Some days I have Edith mixing up my colours until they all turn to brown, but some days I have an hour to myself, and I really enjoy mixing the paints and instantly making some art! Stay tuned to see these drawings turned in to things, as I brush up on my illustrator and photoshop skills, I am super excited to see where these paintings take me! You can follow me @particlepress if you'd like to see my daily painting, otherwise here is a selection below, including my blown duck egg for Easter!

Top left:  Day 7 of #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers and this is a little painting of a Coal Tit! Such a cute wee bird, not quite as colourful as his cousin the Blue Tit! Edith did the painting to the right 🖌🎨 if it all gets too much, I might call upon her skills!

Top right: Hello little Mistle Trush! Day 9.....So we got back from London last night, and I realised that I have left my brushes behind 🖌☹️ I managed to find a couple of Edith's! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier!

Bottom left:  Happy 🐣 Easter everyone! Today I broke from the sketchbook and painted on a duck egg! I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are up to 🌸🥚🐥

Bottom Right: Happy Saturday to you all! It's day 5/100 of #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers. Is it only 5?! Here are some florals from the garden! After I wrote my list of birds that come to visit, I realised there weren't 100!

Last week we had a trip up to London. We took the children to the Southbank and the Tate Modern, and it was my first visit to the Switch House. We left London as it was  being built, and as I used to work close by at Intaglio Printmaker, I watched it being built, so it was lovley to see the space, and enjoy some art. We were particularly enthralled by the Louise Bourgoise exhibition, and my little man did not stop babbling and pointing at the giant spiders!

Below is a few photos of our month so far. Top left is our granite bungalow, our lovely home, and beautiful big garden. Top right is the new Tate Switch house.

This weekend I had a 'Screenprint on fabric' workshop, which was fantastic, and is always so inspiring and enthralling. As it was Easter weekend, this was the chocolate cake that I baked for my lovey printers, and the image to the right is the studio all set up and ready to go! We had an amazing time, and everyone produced such fantastic work! I have added up some new dates for the 'Screenprint on fabric' workshop in the summer time. Click through here if you'd like to join me in the studio!