Instagram challenge - Meet the maker

If you are not on Instagram you might not know about the challenge set by Illustrator Joanne Hawker, who has set a 'prompt' per day which fellow creatives respond to. Its called #marchmeetthemaker and we are currently on day 7! Below I have listed the first 4 photographs. My favourite so far, was actually the first prompt, which was 'you'. Since posting a photo of me and my little one Archie, I have had a few people come up and speak to me (mainly at baby groups!) asking, are you 'Particle Press?' I guess it just made me realise how important it is to put a face to the business!

I am really enjoying the process, and I am looking forward to the next 24 days! Follow me @particlepress on Instagram if you'd like to see more insights in to my business!

1.  So I'm very late to the #marchmeetthemaker party, but I'm putting it down to my littlest deciding he won't nap this week at all! The first promt from @joannehawker is 'you'.... so this is me, Fiona. I live just outside Falmouth in sunny Cornwall. I am Scottish, and hail from the North East, from a little fishing town called Lossiemouth. I met my husband @tom_leighton at the RCA while studying for an MA in Printmaking. After 8 years in London, teaching and making, we decided to head to the SW where I set up my little Printmaking studio. I have two kiddies, who make trying to work very hard, but without my creative output, I'd be lost! Printmaking has been a huge part of my life since I first studied it back in 2000 (wow that's 17 years I've been doing it...what?!) I instantly fell in love with the process and pulling the first print of any new print is as exciting as the first time I did it! I make homewares and gifts all inspired by my beautiful surroundings, and I teach screenprint workshops in my countryside studio. I also owe it all to my Mum and Dad for being so supportive of my creativeness ❤️

2. So I'm catching up with @marchmeetthemaker with day 2, which is 'favourite to make'. My favourite thing has to be screen printing. The drawing, the exposing, the colour mixing and the printing. This creatively fulfilling process never seems to tire, and I love it. I print on to fabric mainly, although I trained on paper. The lovely thing about printing on fabric is that you can make it in to lots of different things. Using the printed fabric to make in to lampshades is a very satisfying one, and I love how it transforms from a piece of fabric to an object.

3. Day 3 of #meetthemaker is the workspace. This is my sunny studio, nestled amongst the trees and over looking the valleys towards Falmouth. This is where I Print, make all my work, store everything and also teach my workshops. This is me all set up for tomorrow's #printclub! Like many other Mum makers, I have my computer and printer set up in our house, where I can work away at nap times and in the evenings when the kiddies are in bed!

4. Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker is here is what I could gather together before #printclub started this afternoon! I forgot the most obvious thing...a screen 🙄It was a busy morning preparing for our printing afternoon and taking the kiddies to dance class! All in a days work! Love Saturdays ❤️