March update

March has been a busy month, not just for Particle Press, but we also celebrated my little boy's 1st Birthday! It doesnt seem that long ago when we took that tiny bundle home from the hospital to introduce him to his big Sister! Such special times. So amongst making jungle themed decorations and cakes,  we have been enjoying the beautiful introduction to Spring! My husband is a photographer for those of you that don't know, and he is off taking photos of the brights lights of Tokyo and the metropolis of Dubai, so we have had lots of family time, and I have to squeeze my work and orders in to evenings and nap times! I have been printing up lots of samples for the screenprint workshops, and really enjoying getting back to basics with cutting paper stencils. It's also a great introduction to printing with Edith, who absolutely loves it!

A super BIG thank you to everyone for all the orders leading up to Mothers Day. I was slightly overwhelmed with the orders, especially flying solo with the children, but I got through it! Here are some highlights of our last few days, some creative time aswell as fun time!

I am also delighted to be stocking a new shop in Marazion called Morva. They will be stocking a selection of my products, including cushions, make up bags, coasters, cards and teatowels. 

I was also delighted to see that my handprinted lampshades were mentioned in the Manor Magazine this month. 

Next month we have a busy few weekends with workshops, and I am also working on a fabric collection to be printed digitally. Really excited about what's ahead for PP, lets see what April brings! 



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