May updates

Hello! So here are a few updates from PP HQ! Its half way through May, and to be honest I have no idea where the days go. Looking after two kiddies full time, and doing this on the side does make my days pass in a blur, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I am still taking part in the Insta challenge, and am currently on day 44. Below is a selection of whats been going on!

From top left in clockwise direction:


Day 33/100 🐦
Among the trees,
Is a bird's nest,
And in the nest
Her five eggs rest.
And in each egg --
Hush, you'll be heard! --
There lies asleep
A tiny bird.

I'm not sure if anyone missed me yesterday.... I had a sick baby boy, so I pretty much had to put my whole house in the washing machine! He's feeling better today though, so here is my day 31! I had a horrible feeling that he was sick from eating something in the garden, so I pulled out anything that wasn't a herb! We found lots of snails, hence the inspiration for today! #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers

I said I'd choose something much more colourful today, but I went for a Jackdaw!The name derives from the word "jack", meaning "small", and "daw", the native English name for the bird. We have lots down here, including one very cheeky one that kept banging on the window at his own reflection! Another monogamous bird forming a strong bond with its partner, if they suffer from a few years of unsuccessful breeding, they still stay together, potentially due to the fact that they have invested so much time and energy into trying to raise young together. 🖤💕

I don't seem to be choosing the most colourful of birds at the moment, and people may say that the spotted flycatcher is a bit understated, but their fly catching antics are pretty amazing to watch! They feed mainly on butterflies, hence the addition of these beauties! I'll try and choose a colourful bird for tomorrow! 💙❤️💛💜day 36/100 #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers


I am really enjoying this challenge, and although trying to fit it in, sometimes takes all my energy, I am really enjoying it!

I am also giving away a place at my 'Print Club' on Saturday the 17th of June. The lovely Lou Tonkin will be joining me in the studio, and there is one free place up for grabs! 

⭐️ Insta Competition time ⭐️ (Sorry this one is a bit Cornish based) I am giving away a place at 'Particle Press Print Club' on Saturday 17th of June 1-5pm. This is a special opportunity to join the lovely @loutonkin and I in the studio to make some screen prints! This will be an afternoon filled with ink, cake, tea, most probably some birds and conversation! (You don't need to know how to print, I can show you on the day

To win a place, please follow @particlepress, comment on the post as to why you'd like to win and tag a friend! The winner will be announced on Monday 29th May at 12pm. (There will also be 2 places available to book through my website if you are not lucky) Good luck!

I have also added some dates up for August Print Club, which you can book here

There is lots going on, and with new products in the making, my daily painting, and two babies ill be kept pretty busy!