Floral Bath Bombs - SALE

$2.00 $4.00

Packed with beautifully scented essentail oil, and sprinkled with petals and leaves, for an uplifting and refreshing bath experience.

Simply run a bath, place your bath bomb in the water, rest and unwind.

Rolled in tissue paper, and then carefully wrapped in a fabric square and tied with ribbon and label.

Thay also make great drawer scents.

Choose from:

  • Lavender with lavender buds - (Light blue cornflower fabric)

Size - Approx 5cm (2" round) / 65g / Handmade in the UK / Use by 12 months

Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Petals & Essential oil

Also available as part of a make-up bag and soap gift set.