Floral Bath Bombs


Introducing my new range of aromatic and floral bath bombs!

Packed with beautifully scented essentail oil, and sprinkled with petals and leaves, for an uplifting and refreshing bath experience.

Simply run a bath, place your bath bomb in the water, rest and unwind.

Rolled in tissue paper, and then carefully wrapped in a fabric square and tied with ribbon and label.

Choose from:

  • Bergamot and lemongrass with blue cornflowers - (Navy cornflower fabric)
  • Rose geranium with rose petals - (Navy wren and ladybird fabric)
  • Lavender with lavender buds - (Light blue cornflower fabric)
  • Cedarwood and lemongrass with calendula - (Yellow goldfinch fabric)
  • Rosemary and Orange with rosemary leaves (Mint longtail and foxglove fabric)

Size - Approx 5cm (2" round) / 65g / Handmade in the UK / Use by 12 months

Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Petals & Essential oil

Also available as part of a make-up bag and soap gift set.