Longtail and Foxglove adjustable face covering - Mint - sale

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Handmade face covering, with my beautiful Longtail and Foxglove fabric in Mint. My masks are made from cotton panama on the outer, and super fine organic cotton on the inside, with a sewn in filter pocket.

This handmade face covering has a nose wire included which helps to offer a closer fit to the face, and is also useful if wearing glasses as it helps to reduce them from steaming up. The nose wire is removable from the wire casing which is sewn into the lining of the face mask, it should be removed before washing.

Filters are not included but can be added into the filter pocket from the side of the mask, should you choose to add one.

The soft stretchy light pink elastic ties (30cm) can be adjusted to fit your face. Simply tie a knot behind each ear, and pull the loop through, so that it is hidden.

The fabric placement may vary, as they are all handmade.

My face masks are not medical grade and are not certified by any health organisation.

During use:

Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before and after using your mask.
Don’t touch the mask whilst wearing it.
Put the mask on, and take it off carefully, using the elastic ties.
Wash your mask after each use at a hot temperature,
and remember to remove the nose wire!

Wash in hot water on 60 degree wash. Shape while wet and iron once dry to maintain the fit of the mask.

These face masks are to fit an Adult and measure approx 25 cm x 14cm (10 inches x 6 inches)

Also available in packs of 3.