About me

Fiona Leighton is the name behind the British nature inspired designs of Particle Press. Fiona was born in Lossiemouth, Scotland, and now lives and works near Falmouth in Cornwall, UK. Inspired by the natural environment, and its rhythm of growth and renewal, Fiona’s work is particularly inspired by wildflowers, the surrounding hedgerows with their blossom and fruit - and the array of garden birds that visit her garden studio. Starting out life as detailed gouache studies on paper, her work is brought to life through intricate repeating patterns on fabric.

 After graduating from the Royal College of Art, and 8 years living and working in London, Particle Press began with a dream to combine a love for flowers, nature and birdwatching with bright homewares and gifts. Fionas work has been featured in magazines such as Country Living, Country Homes and Interiors and The Simple Things Magazine.


Fiona’s products are designed in her picturesque countryside studio, just outside Falmouth, near a small village called Constantine, in Cornwall, UK. A beautiful spot, surrounded by fields and woodland. You can hear the owls call, the songbirds sing and the buzzards mewing as they coast the thermal currents down the valley.

Print Studio and workshops:

Every year, Fiona holds a few workshops in her studio. She shares what she loves to do the most: to create things with her hands and inspire others to start, or restart, their own creative journey.

It would be lovely if you could join her sometime: the workshop will be filled with conversation, sharing and making. Please get in touch if you want to learn more: info@particlepress.com 

This is a testimonial from a recent attendant:

'Thank you so much for a brilliant new experience today. I feel utterly inspired and have gone home ready to make some pencil marks into some sketches, something I wouldn't have felt motivated to do! It was really interesting to see how everyone worked and got so much from the day.....you are a fabulous teacher and so generous in sharing your skills and incredible workshop, the refreshments were way, way beyond any expectation and love to meet someone that enjoys a cup of tea as much as me"

(Fiona is also a very keen baker, and will greet you with a large pot of tea and something deliciously home baked)

Stockists and other info:

Particle press products are stocked in various shops throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. You can visit the stockist page to find your nearest stockist.

 If you are a shop or a gallery, and you would like to become a stockist, please send an email to info@particlpress.com

Fiona makes sure that every order leaving her studio is beautifully wrapped, using only environmentally friendly packaging.

Fiona would love to hear any comments or feedback about her work - or if you need any help with your order feel free to get in touch.