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May updates

May 18, 2017

Hello! So here are a few updates from PP HQ! Its half way through May, and to be honest I have no idea where the days go. Looking after two kiddies full time, and doing this on the side does make my days pass in a blur, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I am still taking part in the Insta challenge, and am currently on day 44. Below is a selection of whats been going on!

From top left in clockwise direction:


Day 33/100 🐦
Among the trees,
Is a bird's nest,
And in the nest
Her five eggs rest.
And in each egg --
Hush, you'll be heard! --
There lies asleep
A tiny bird.

I'm not sure if anyone missed me yesterday.... I had a sick baby boy, so I pretty much had to put my whole house in the washing machine! He's feeling better today though, so here is my day 31! I had a horrible feeling that he was sick from eating something in the garden, so I pulled out anything that wasn't a herb! We found lots of snails, hence the inspiration for today! #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers

I said I'd choose something much more colourful today, but I went for a Jackdaw!The name derives from the word "jack", meaning "small", and "daw", the native English name for the bird. We have lots down here, including one very cheeky one that kept banging on the window at his own reflection! Another monogamous bird forming a strong bond with its partner, if they suffer from a few years of unsuccessful breeding, they still stay together, potentially due to the fact that they have invested so much time and energy into trying to raise young together. 🖤💕

I don't seem to be choosing the most colourful of birds at the moment, and people may say that the spotted flycatcher is a bit understated, but their fly catching antics are pretty amazing to watch! They feed mainly on butterflies, hence the addition of these beauties! I'll try and choose a colourful bird for tomorrow! 💙❤️💛💜day 36/100 #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers


I am really enjoying this challenge, and although trying to fit it in, sometimes takes all my energy, I am really enjoying it!

I am also giving away a place at my 'Print Club' on Saturday the 17th of June. The lovely Lou Tonkin will be joining me in the studio, and there is one free place up for grabs! 

⭐️ Insta Competition time ⭐️ (Sorry this one is a bit Cornish based) I am giving away a place at 'Particle Press Print Club' on Saturday 17th of June 1-5pm. This is a special opportunity to join the lovely @loutonkin and I in the studio to make some screen prints! This will be an afternoon filled with ink, cake, tea, most probably some birds and conversation! (You don't need to know how to print, I can show you on the day

To win a place, please follow @particlepress, comment on the post as to why you'd like to win and tag a friend! The winner will be announced on Monday 29th May at 12pm. (There will also be 2 places available to book through my website if you are not lucky) Good luck!

I have also added some dates up for August Print Club, which you can book here

There is lots going on, and with new products in the making, my daily painting, and two babies ill be kept pretty busy! 









April so far........

April 16, 2017

So April has come around quick! How did that happen?! So for those of you that don't follow my social media feeds, I am taking part in an Instagram challenge, which is to post something creative everyday. It is a bit of a self motivated challenge, and I have set myself the absolutely crazy challenge of painting birds and flowers from our garden and surrounding fields and woods. I'm not sure what I have got myself in to, but so far I am embracing it. Some days I have Edith mixing up my colours until they all turn to brown, but some days I have an hour to myself, and I really enjoy mixing the paints and instantly making some art! Stay tuned to see these drawings turned in to things, as I brush up on my illustrator and photoshop skills, I am super excited to see where these paintings take me! You can follow me @particlepress if you'd like to see my daily painting, otherwise here is a selection below, including my blown duck egg for Easter!

Top left:  Day 7 of #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers and this is a little painting of a Coal Tit! Such a cute wee bird, not quite as colourful as his cousin the Blue Tit! Edith did the painting to the right 🖌🎨 if it all gets too much, I might call upon her skills!

Top right: Hello little Mistle Trush! Day 9.....So we got back from London last night, and I realised that I have left my brushes behind 🖌☹️ I managed to find a couple of Edith's! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier!

Bottom left:  Happy 🐣 Easter everyone! Today I broke from the sketchbook and painted on a duck egg! I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are up to 🌸🥚🐥

Bottom Right: Happy Saturday to you all! It's day 5/100 of #pp100daysofbirdsandflowers. Is it only 5?! Here are some florals from the garden! After I wrote my list of birds that come to visit, I realised there weren't 100!

Last week we had a trip up to London. We took the children to the Southbank and the Tate Modern, and it was my first visit to the Switch House. We left London as it was  being built, and as I used to work close by at Intaglio Printmaker, I watched it being built, so it was lovley to see the space, and enjoy some art. We were particularly enthralled by the Louise Bourgoise exhibition, and my little man did not stop babbling and pointing at the giant spiders!

Below is a few photos of our month so far. Top left is our granite bungalow, our lovely home, and beautiful big garden. Top right is the new Tate Switch house.

This weekend I had a 'Screenprint on fabric' workshop, which was fantastic, and is always so inspiring and enthralling. As it was Easter weekend, this was the chocolate cake that I baked for my lovey printers, and the image to the right is the studio all set up and ready to go! We had an amazing time, and everyone produced such fantastic work! I have added up some new dates for the 'Screenprint on fabric' workshop in the summer time. Click through here if you'd like to join me in the studio!




March update

March 28, 2017

March has been a busy month, not just for Particle Press, but we also celebrated my little boy's 1st Birthday! It doesnt seem that long ago when we took that tiny bundle home from the hospital to introduce him to his big Sister! Such special times. So amongst making jungle themed decorations and cakes,  we have been enjoying the beautiful introduction to Spring! My husband is a photographer for those of you that don't know, and he is off taking photos of the brights lights of Tokyo and the metropolis of Dubai, so we have had lots of family time, and I have to squeeze my work and orders in to evenings and nap times! I have been printing up lots of samples for the screenprint workshops, and really enjoying getting back to basics with cutting paper stencils. It's also a great introduction to printing with Edith, who absolutely loves it!

A super BIG thank you to everyone for all the orders leading up to Mothers Day. I was slightly overwhelmed with the orders, especially flying solo with the children, but I got through it! Here are some highlights of our last few days, some creative time aswell as fun time!

I am also delighted to be stocking a new shop in Marazion called Morva. They will be stocking a selection of my products, including cushions, make up bags, coasters, cards and teatowels. 

I was also delighted to see that my handprinted lampshades were mentioned in the Manor Magazine this month. 

Next month we have a busy few weekends with workshops, and I am also working on a fabric collection to be printed digitally. Really excited about what's ahead for PP, lets see what April brings! 



If you are not on Instagram you might not know about the challenge set by Illustrator Joanne Hawker, who has set a 'prompt' per day which fellow creatives respond to. Its called #marchmeetthemaker and we are currently on day 7! Below I have listed the first 4 photographs. My favourite so far, was actually the first prompt, which was 'you'. Since posting a photo of me and my little one Archie, I have had a few people come up and speak to me (mainly at baby groups!) asking, are you 'Particle Press?' I guess it just made me realise how important it is to put a face to the business!

I am really enjoying the process, and I am looking forward to the next 24 days! Follow me @particlepress on Instagram if you'd like to see more insights in to my business!

1.  So I'm very late to the #marchmeetthemaker party, but I'm putting it down to my littlest deciding he won't nap this week at all! The first promt from @joannehawker is 'you'.... so this is me, Fiona. I live just outside Falmouth in sunny Cornwall. I am Scottish, and hail from the North East, from a little fishing town called Lossiemouth. I met my husband @tom_leighton at the RCA while studying for an MA in Printmaking. After 8 years in London, teaching and making, we decided to head to the SW where I set up my little Printmaking studio. I have two kiddies, who make trying to work very hard, but without my creative output, I'd be lost! Printmaking has been a huge part of my life since I first studied it back in 2000 (wow that's 17 years I've been doing it...what?!) I instantly fell in love with the process and pulling the first print of any new print is as exciting as the first time I did it! I make homewares and gifts all inspired by my beautiful surroundings, and I teach screenprint workshops in my countryside studio. I also owe it all to my Mum and Dad for being so supportive of my creativeness ❤️

2. So I'm catching up with @marchmeetthemaker with day 2, which is 'favourite to make'. My favourite thing has to be screen printing. The drawing, the exposing, the colour mixing and the printing. This creatively fulfilling process never seems to tire, and I love it. I print on to fabric mainly, although I trained on paper. The lovely thing about printing on fabric is that you can make it in to lots of different things. Using the printed fabric to make in to lampshades is a very satisfying one, and I love how it transforms from a piece of fabric to an object.

3. Day 3 of #meetthemaker is the workspace. This is my sunny studio, nestled amongst the trees and over looking the valleys towards Falmouth. This is where I Print, make all my work, store everything and also teach my workshops. This is me all set up for tomorrow's #printclub! Like many other Mum makers, I have my computer and printer set up in our house, where I can work away at nap times and in the evenings when the kiddies are in bed!

4. Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker is here is what I could gather together before #printclub started this afternoon! I forgot the most obvious thing...a screen 🙄It was a busy morning preparing for our printing afternoon and taking the kiddies to dance class! All in a days work! Love Saturdays ❤️







I am really excited about teaming up with the lovely Tabitha of 'Little Creative Home', to offer a day workshop in the studio! We will be combining screenprint with some beautiful hand stitched embroidery. You will learn how to make a two layer screen print using paper stencils, then learn lots of different stitches to embellish your print, which will be stretched on to a hoop!

Tabitha used to work for Seasalt, as a window dresser and designer. I'm not sure if you have ever walked past a Seasalt shop, but they are renowned for thier fantasic window displays! These hoops below were done by Tabitha and the team. Aren't they fab?! Tabitha now runs a small buisness making the most beautiful things, including felt flower crowns, bespoke bunting, wedding accesories and she also hosts a 'Pop stich' evening in Falmouth every Wednesday.

Our workshop will run from 10 - 4 pm on Saturday 22th April. The workshop will cost £45.00, and include all materials, including tea and cake. 4 places available. All details and information will be emailed upon receipt of booking.


Mothers Day discount!

February 28, 2017

 To help get you organised for Mothers Day on the 26th of March, we are offering 20% off our website! Use code MUM26 at the checkout! This offer excludes our workshops and lampshade kits. Sorry! If you'd like to book your Mum a place on a workshop, then gift vouchers are available too!

I am delighted to be offering a NEW workshop that involves screenprinting on fabric and sewing! This is a day workshop in the studio, with screenprinting your fabric in the morning, using the cut paper stencil technique. In the afternoon, you will cut your fabric pattern and sew your purse together on a sewing machine, and learn how to attach your purse to a snap clasp.

This workshop has 4 places and will run from 9.30 - 4pm on the 29th of April - £50.00

Particle Press Print Club!

January 29, 2017

I have added some new dates for Particle Press Print Club for the coming summer months. I know that it is quite far in advance but it is nice to have something to look forward to.  I am delighted that the first few dates have sold out, and I am really looking forward to helping you all with your projects and ideas! Lets print people! 


'Sticks' Lampshade SALE

January 24, 2017

These lovely 'Sticks' lampshades are on sale over in the shop! Hanprinted on natural linen. They come in three colours - Graphite, Ochre and Mint Green. Prices starting from £20.00.



I have now added some more dates for the ever popular 'Screenprint on fabric with paper stencils' course. I love teaching this half day workshop.  If you would like any more information about the workshops, or would like to book a class for you and your friends, then contact me through the contact form! Lets Print! 

Next available dates : 8th April 1pm-5pm // 20th May 1pm-5pm - £35.00