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In the garden -September

In the garden -September

It has been a few months since I last posted about the garden and hedgerow gems. We've been enjoying the late summer sunshine, and a slight nip in the air, we are feeling very grateful.

September - the month harvesting! Abundant elderberries and blackberries fill the hedgerows this month, and our hawthorn trees have delighted us with swathes of red - the last of our colour until Spring. The tall, dried hemlock remains behind in the fields, looking elegant and strong, along the with dried foxglove spires - a true delight against the early sunsets. Seeds are forming and starting to fall to the earth.

We have had a very busy garden this Autumn, and we are very lucky to live alongside our woodland animal friends. The squirrels, magpies and badgers have very much enjoyed the apples. I love the surge in energy this month, everything has purpose. Small animals tucking away the berries and making cosy winter homes  for themselves. 

I am still very pleased to have swathes of colour in the garden, as it soldiers on. Nothing is growing now, all activity has now shifted to ripening of fruits, leaves and stems, as it all starts to toughen up and shut down. 

My studio has been full of flowers and a hive of activity! Here are some snippets from my desk!


I hope to bring you some new fabrics in time for Christmas! Here is a little snippet of the sample fabrics that arrived from my wonderful printer. They are celebrating the hive of activity in a busy kitchen garden in the Summer. I can't wait to share them with you. 

I hope you enjoyed my update from my Cornish Garden, surrounding fields and woodlands! See you in October! 

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