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In the garden & studio April

In the garden & studio April

April! The month of mixed weather  - although here in Cornwall we have not been blessed with the delights of April showers, and it has actually been a very dry and relatively cold month, with a few days of warming sunshine. Despite the lack of rain, the flower sprinkled verges are waking up, coming to life, and bringing an abundance of swathing green leaves. 

A trip to any woodland will delight you with its woodland carpet, a feast for the eyes, before the leaves from above form, and create a canopy to block out the light from above. Forget-me-nots are one of my favourite little flowers, so perfectly formed, emulating a calming sea of blue. 

Wood Anemones Cornwall

Wood anemones also arrived this month, with their delicate nodding heads. Anemones grow very slowly as their seeds are mostly infertile. This means that they colonise woodlands mainly through their rhizomes. It is said that it takes 100 years for them to spread 6ft, which is why they are a good indicator of an accent woodland.

I have made several batches of pesto this month - using wild garlic as well as three cornered leek. It is important to know the difference with the leaves, as three cornered leek leaves do look very similar to daffodils!

I also have an abundance of basil, wild rocket and spinach in he green house this year, so I also add extra greens in too! Its delicious on pizza!

We were blessed with some lovely sunshine - (albeit cold) on Easter Sunday, so we had our first pizzas of the year from our oven! 

If you follow me on social media, you know I enjoy decorating eggs - Hens eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs - quails eggs! Eggs of all sizes! This is my little collection this year!


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