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In the garden & studio March

In the garden & studio March

The days are growing longer still, the sun is higher in the sky, and the blustery and blowy days have continued! March is a mixed month, swinging from Winter to Spring. I think the quote from 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens sums it up.

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is Summer in the light, and Winter in the shade."

The daffodils and hellebores are getting battered, and the new bulbs are appearing daily amongst the growth that is submerging to fill the empty flower beds once more. Bees are tentantively buzzing. Wildflowers are out in their swathes, and yellow is the colour of the month. 

Trees are still mainly bare, but I like to imagine what is happening through the gnarled trunks and branches, with life awakening. Buds are appearing on the hedgerows, the first signs of flowering blackthorn and violets and foxgloves are appearing at the bases. 

On sunny days, I have been delighted to see butterflies fluttering in the garden, and I spent some time with a green veined white butterfly in my greenhouse, along with the caterpillar of a ruby tiger moth. On clearing out the potting shed, we came across a deceased common brown bat. We were extremely lucky to have such an interaction and admire this beautiful, secretive creature. We also have a mole who has taken up residence in the garden. Mole hills are appearing everywhere - more about that next month!

Seed potatoes are in, dahlias are potted up, peas, beans, cosmos, lettuce, basil and tomatoes are all growing strong after a few weeks in the windowsill and greenhouse. I love this time of year! So much promise, and the anticipation of seeing the first fruits on our plate is very exciting.

Snowdrops have come to an end, but the first blue bell is always a special find for me, and this month they are very slowly starting to open - along with three cornered leek. April and May are my favourite months for the Cornish lanes and hedges - the abundance of life and colour delights me every year, and does not get old. Yellow rattle grows at the top of our farm track, and is a favourite of mine. I admire its complex structure and its pale yellow flower looks beautiful through the three cornered leek and the Alexanders, which open and grow in abundance next month. I've lived here for 8 years now, and I'm slowly getting to know what wild flowers grow where, and at what time of year. It's a great idea too keep notes of what to look for and when!

Daffodil fields are full of nodding daffodils being blown in all directions in the open fields. They still smile in their seas of yellow as far as the eye can see. I pass this field on the way to the post office with your orders, and I can't explain how much joy it brings!

We welcomed the first day of Spring on the 20th March, and to celebrate, I made a Spring wreath for the front door. My little boy was born on the 20th of March, my little bundle of Spring joy. I hang a wreath every year to welcome the warmth and new growth.

Lastly, some fun from the studio! It has been a busy month with an abundance of new wholesale stockists and orders to fulfil. I try and make some time to fun projects, and this month I enjoyed painting on terracotta pots! It is a fun easy project, and makes a lovely gift for a friend!

I hope you have enjoyed March as much as I have! Remember to plant those seeds!

See you in April! 

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